Brand Story--uCoolMe

uCoolMe Lashes founded in 2008 by offline eyelash artist team. Over years of experience and successful cases in the eyelash industry, We have mastered the art of eyelash and we always provide the most refined and desired products.

uCoolMe is tailor-made for women, our mission is provide the Best Quality lashes products with our clients. We has the strongest desire for surviving and remaining the original purpose of providing beauty and another possibility to women, and creates an international new and cutting-edge brand.

uCoolMe is adhering to 100% original design concepts and the highest standards of quality control, we are committed to creating a "fashionable, secure, convenient and pleasant" eyelash experience for consumers.

Our vision is to make beauty accessible. Through continuous innovation, we have developed simple and easy-to-use eyelash products, allowing women anywhere, with any skin color, and at any age to find eyelash products that suit their eye shapes.

uCoolMe® bring a whole new meaning to DIY Lashes.

Featuring uCoolMe 0.05mm Ultra-Thin Band and uCoolMe Born-Soft Material, the new and exclusive weightless lashes is incredibly soft to touch and has no weight with it at all! These are simply the ultimate in lash segments currently available on the market.  

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